Spotlight Soundtrack!

I’ve always loved listening to music, but … I have a confession to make.

It’s very rarely the music itself that I love. It’s the lyrics that get me.

Music tells a story, too, and lyrics are a huge part of that. Whether it’s setting the scene at an Italian restaurant (a la Billy Joel) or just a clever turn of phrase in a catchy pop song, the words are what I love most.

But conveying emotions in the short time span of a song can be difficult! I admire that ability to put listeners in a certain headspace in just a few seconds.

There were a couple of songs I listened to that immediately put me in the mood to write Spotlight. In fact, I quote a couple of them at the beginning of the book.

“I’m tired of rumors starting.

I’m sick of being followed.

I’m tired of people lying,

Saying what they want about me.”

Rumors, Lindsay Lohan

“Would you be so into me,

If I wasn’t a celebrity?”

Celebrity, *NSYNC

Their takes on fame and paparazzi are quite interesting – and certainly fit the theme of Spotlight.

And there’s one more song that I listened to very frequently while writing this book. But this one has more to do with Lily and Nate. Any guesses???


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