Another Spotlight Sneak Peek!

I know authors aren’t supposed to have a favorite part of their works. It’s sort of like parents not having a favorite child, right? But I have a confession. There is a section of Spotlight that holds a special place in my heart.

Take a look:

Outside, the sun hung low in the sky, casting both brilliant, fiery light, and long, dark shadows across the garden. Lily liked that she seemed to have the spot to herself. It was quiet, like a secret garden tucked away from the endless noise and traffic of the famous boulevards that surrounded the hotel.

Lost in her own thoughts, she strolled aimlessly through the maze of hedges and flowers.

“You know, those questions you asked earlier were very good.”

The voice was low and warm, but it startled Lily anyway. Glancing behind her, she heard the click and swish of a lighter erupting into flame and watched as it illuminated a face she knew well.

She blinked, hardly believing he was there—not ten feet away—sitting on a wrought-iron bench, lighting a cigarette.

“Ummm . . . thanks?”

A soft chuckle escaped his lips, and he extended his hand toward her.

“Hi. I’m Daniel.”

Now I’m curious … did you have a favorite part of Spotlight? Let me know!


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