Reading Raves: Vol. 2 – Summer Reads 2014

We’re well into summer travel season, and it’s funny how many people have mentioned to me that they’re taking Spotlight on vacation with them to read on the beach or pass the time on very long flights. Loving that my book is so well-traveled!

I just got back from vacation myself, and I thought I’d share what I enjoyed during my getaway.

Alison Sweeney: Scared Scriptless

I love her work on Days of our Lives, and I love her books, too. They’re charming, fun and witty. And, of course, I’m a sucker for the way she weaves in insights into the entertainment industry.

Georgina Guthrie: The Words series

This one is for those of us who truly love words. A romance set against the backdrop of Shakespeare’s words? Now that’s something The Bard would appreciate.

Those are some of my current Reading Raves. But – sadly – I won’t be on vacation again for quite some time. So send me your faves from this summer so that I can still get away … even if it’s just escaping into the pages of a great book.


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