Reading Raves: Vol. 4 – Spring Flings 2015

Sure – Much of the country is still dealing with wintery weather.

But spring is coming! Before you know it, flowers will be blooming and the air will start to warm.

It’s the perfect time of year for books with a little whimsy. Now that the long winter is (almost) over, have a little Spring Fling with these two awesome series.

Christina Lauren: The Beautiful series

The common theme here? PASSION. The circumstances are all different, but every couple in this series is drawn together in their own unique way. And what I think is so clever about these novels (in addition to the great banter!) is the way all of the stories are woven together. The next one comes out in April, and I can’t wait to read it!

Alice Clayton: The Redhead series

True Fact: I laughed until I cried reading every book in this series. The Redhead and her Brit are a dynamite and dynamic duo. Alice has a way of delving into deep fears in the most humorous and touching ways. And all three books in the series are on sale right now! You won’t be disappointed.


Reading Raves: Vol. 3 – Holidays 2014

Confession: My holiday indulgence is not Christmas cookies. It’s Hallmark holiday movies.

I know. But they’re so charming! And they remind me that sharing your favorite stories make a great gift.

I know of a certain book (*cough* Spotlight *cough*) that would be perfect for anyone who is passionate about the entertainment industry and journalism. And here are a couple of others that should make their way under your tree.

R.S. Grey: The Duet

I had the chance to meet the lovely R.S. Grey during the Texas Book Festival. And her writing is a fun as she is! The Duet is her latest … can two very different singers come together for Grammy gold?

Ina Garten: Make It Ahead

This one is for all the foodies (me included!) out there. One day I will throw a dinner party as classy and elegant as Ina’s!

Ruth Clampett: Mr. 365

I mentioned my love of Hallmark’s holiday movies. And Mr. 365 is the e-book version of that same charm. My friend Ruth’s book will definitely put you in the holiday spirit!

The great thing about wrapping up a book during the holiday season is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving. They can read it again and again and think of you each time. Now that’s money well spent!

Reading Raves: Vol. 2 – Summer Reads 2014

We’re well into summer travel season, and it’s funny how many people have mentioned to me that they’re taking Spotlight on vacation with them to read on the beach or pass the time on very long flights. Loving that my book is so well-traveled!

I just got back from vacation myself, and I thought I’d share what I enjoyed during my getaway.

Alison Sweeney: Scared Scriptless

I love her work on Days of our Lives, and I love her books, too. They’re charming, fun and witty. And, of course, I’m a sucker for the way she weaves in insights into the entertainment industry.

Georgina Guthrie: The Words series

This one is for those of us who truly love words. A romance set against the backdrop of Shakespeare’s words? Now that’s something The Bard would appreciate.

Those are some of my current Reading Raves. But – sadly – I won’t be on vacation again for quite some time. So send me your faves from this summer so that I can still get away … even if it’s just escaping into the pages of a great book.

Reading Raves: Vol. 1

There is something special about getting lost in a good book.

I love to read almost as much as I love to write, so I thought I’d share some of my current literary loves. And if you give them a try, let me know what you think!

Veronica Roth: Divergent series

First things first – Yes, I saw the move. And, yes, I loved it. (#hitheo) While dystopian works typically aren’t my cup of tea, something about Tris captured my attention from the beginning. Perhaps it was her ability to be brave and vulnerable at the same time. I know much has been said about the last book in the series, but for me, it worked.

Emma Chase: Tangled, Twisted

I *love* it when a book makes me literally laugh out loud. And Emma does a brilliant job of putting a fresh spin on the whole boy-meets-girl thing with charm and humor. I dare you not to fall under Drew Evans’ spell.

Daisy Prescott: Geoducks Are for Lovers, Ready to Fall

Confession: I’m in my thirties. And while I enjoy reading stories about glam twenty-somethings meeting at trendy bars, I inevitably end up thinking, “Been there; done that.” So I appreciate a romantic story with ever-so-slightly older characters. Daisy’s books are lovely tales of second chances and keeping the faith.