Enquiring Minds Want To Know …

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite parts of grocery shopping with my mom was standing in the checkout line.

Nope – I’m not kidding.

I loved reading the headlines on all the tabloids. The National Enquirer was always my favorite. Not that I actually believed Elvis was alive and chowing down on burgers at some truck stop outside Tulsa, mind you. But there was something intriguing about their creativity.

I must admit – I still do get a kick out of those headlines. But the world of entertainment news has changed quite a bit since the “Enquiring Minds Want To Know” campaign in the ’80s. That was before paparazzi were implicated in the death of Princess Diana. That was before reality TV gave us so many more people to gossip about.

Now we have entire networks dedicated to entertainment news. Now were have publications like OK! and Life & Style and Radar Online. Perhaps it’s even more important to consider the source.

In Spotlight, Lily talks frequently about being a reliable source for entertainment news. Much like her, I believe there *is* a difference between news and gossip. And it’s all in the source.

I do believe there are outlets that accurately and fairly report entertainment news. And I believe there are outlets that do not. So which ones do you trust? Enquiring minds want to know …


Reading Raves: Vol. 4 – Spring Flings 2015

Sure – Much of the country is still dealing with wintery weather.

But spring is coming! Before you know it, flowers will be blooming and the air will start to warm.

It’s the perfect time of year for books with a little whimsy. Now that the long winter is (almost) over, have a little Spring Fling with these two awesome series.

Christina Lauren: The Beautiful series

The common theme here? PASSION. The circumstances are all different, but every couple in this series is drawn together in their own unique way. And what I think is so clever about these novels (in addition to the great banter!) is the way all of the stories are woven together. The next one comes out in April, and I can’t wait to read it!

Alice Clayton: The Redhead series

True Fact: I laughed until I cried reading every book in this series. The Redhead and her Brit are a dynamite and dynamic duo. Alice has a way of delving into deep fears in the most humorous and touching ways. And all three books in the series are on sale right now! You won’t be disappointed.