You Know Who I’m Talking About …

Yes, Spotlight is Lily, Nate and Daniel’s story.

But there is another character who has a small but significant role in the story.

You Know Who I’m talking about.

In fact, she didn’t have a name until the very last round of edits. She was simply known as YKW. I didn’t want her maybe-they-are-maybe-they-aren’t relationship with Daniel to be a main focus. I wanted everyone to draw their own conclusions – just like Lily does.

Daniel and Sam never confirm or deny that they are in a romantic relationship. They just … do their thing. And I’m always fascinated by real-life celebrity maybe-couples who choose not to say anything at all.

It’s an interesting PR tactic, for sure. It certainly doesn’t do anything to quiet the curiosity. And many times, it seems to only increase the speculation. But, to me, it’s also a good reminder that it really isn’t any of my business.

Daniel and Sam decided that their relationship is theirs alone. And I can respect that. I truly believe that being in the public eye does not necessarily mean giving up privacy. Some celebrities want to jump on Oprah’s couch and shout to the rooftops about their personal lives. Others don’t. And that’s perfectly okay.