On the Screen …

Yes – I do most of my reading on a screen, whether it’s a book on my Kindle, an email on my work computer or a social media post on my phone.

Yes – I also do most of my writing on a screen, whether it’s an outline for a new chapter, a newsletter for work or (again!) a social media post on my phone.

But I’m a print girl at heart. As much as I love my Kindle, nothing compares to feeling the cool, slick pages of the September issue of Vogue sliding under my fingertips.

During the past few years, it’s become commonly accepted that print journalism is dying. But I’ve always believed that there is still a time and place for newspapers, magazines and even paperbacks. Screens are great (and extremely convenient), but sometimes you want the actual product in your hands – to be able to *touch* it.

So maybe there’s still a heartbeat left in print, after all. I grinned as I read this story from The New York Times, which points out that digital sales accounted for only 20% of the market last year – which is about the same as it was a few years ago.

I am a proud hybrid reader, as the article points out, going back and forth from digital to print. And I think many people are. Sometimes, the convenience of a digital screen wins. Other times, I want to spend a lazy Saturday morning with a cup of tea and the latest Vogue. And I’m happy that I have that choice.