Reading Raves: Vol. 3 – Holidays 2014

Confession: My holiday indulgence is not Christmas cookies. It’s Hallmark holiday movies.

I know. But they’re so charming! And they remind me that sharing your favorite stories make a great gift.

I know of a certain book (*cough* Spotlight *cough*) that would be perfect for anyone who is passionate about the entertainment industry and journalism. And here are a couple of others that should make their way under your tree.

R.S. Grey: The Duet

I had the chance to meet the lovely R.S. Grey during the Texas Book Festival. And her writing is a fun as she is! The Duet is her latest … can two very different singers come together for Grammy gold?

Ina Garten: Make It Ahead

This one is for all the foodies (me included!) out there. One day I will throw a dinner party as classy and elegant as Ina’s!

Ruth Clampett: Mr. 365

I mentioned my love of Hallmark’s holiday movies. And Mr. 365 is the e-book version of that same charm. My friend Ruth’s book will definitely put you in the holiday spirit!

The great thing about wrapping up a book during the holiday season is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving. They can read it again and again and think of you each time. Now that’s money well spent!


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