Casting Spotlight: The Movie?!

The first trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey came out this week, and that got me thinking about turning a book (a medium I love) into a movie (another medium I love).

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about casting a movie based on a book since I got my first look at Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. And I couldn’t help but wonder … who would you cast in Spotlight: The Movie?

That’s probably something most authors think about during the writing process. I know I did – even though it’s wishful thinking. And I actually got (and still get) that question frequently.

That’s such a difficult question to answer. For some characters – Lily, Daniel … heck, even Daniel’s dad – I have a very clear idea of who I would want to play them on the big screen. For other characters, casting would be a bit of a dilemma. For example, I know exactly who *I* would choose to play Nate. But this actor doesn’t exactly have the character’s physical attributes.

And for many readers and audience members, that can be a turn-off. So many times you hear fans say, “Well, that actor is not how I pictured that character …” So even though I have my own casting ideas for Spotlight, I’m sure you have yours, too. Tell me … who could you see playing Lily, Daniel and Nate on the big screen?


Book Signing!

If you haven’t purchased your copy of Spotlight … or you’d like your copy signed … you’re in luck!

I’ll be participating in Author’s Alley from 1:30-4 p.m. June 22 at South Regional Library (6101 Johnston St, Lafayette). I’ll be signing and selling copies of Spotlight there, and other local authors will be there, as well, with their books.

It’s so important to continue to support local libraries, and this a great way to do that and support local authors at the same time.

I hope to see you then!

Another Spotlight Sneak Peek!

I know authors aren’t supposed to have a favorite part of their works. It’s sort of like parents not having a favorite child, right? But I have a confession. There is a section of Spotlight that holds a special place in my heart.

Take a look:

Outside, the sun hung low in the sky, casting both brilliant, fiery light, and long, dark shadows across the garden. Lily liked that she seemed to have the spot to herself. It was quiet, like a secret garden tucked away from the endless noise and traffic of the famous boulevards that surrounded the hotel.

Lost in her own thoughts, she strolled aimlessly through the maze of hedges and flowers.

“You know, those questions you asked earlier were very good.”

The voice was low and warm, but it startled Lily anyway. Glancing behind her, she heard the click and swish of a lighter erupting into flame and watched as it illuminated a face she knew well.

She blinked, hardly believing he was there—not ten feet away—sitting on a wrought-iron bench, lighting a cigarette.

“Ummm . . . thanks?”

A soft chuckle escaped his lips, and he extended his hand toward her.

“Hi. I’m Daniel.”

Now I’m curious … did you have a favorite part of Spotlight? Let me know!

What a week!

What a week it’s been!

Thank you all for helping me celebrate the release of Spotlight. It means the world to me to see you all supporting it!

And in case you haven’t picked up your copy yet, here are a few places you can get it:

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And if you have, I hope you’ll leave a review – no matter what you think of it. Your thoughts not only help others decide whether or not to read it, but are also important to authors. It’s been incredibly interesting to read what people have said about Spotlight so far!

So … tell me. What did you love about it? Who was your favorite character? What would you like to see more of?

Spotlight Release Day!

SpotlightFullCoverFrontI cannot believe this day is finally here!

Spotlight is finally ready for you to read!

Here are a few places you can find it:

Barnes and Noble

Amazon (paperback)

Amazon (Kindle edition)

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Don’t forget it’s on Goodreads, too. Add it to your lists!

So many people were a part of this process and deserve a shout-out. My family and friends: Thanks for your continued encouragement, love, support, etc., etc., etc.! Amanda B., Donny B., Caroline S., Martha H.: Thank you for the experiences that have made this book what it is! TWCS Team (especially Christine and Jennifer): Thanks for taking such good care of my words and giving them a beautiful cover.

And in honor of Spotlight‘s release, I’m giving away an eBook version of it!

CLICK HERE to enter the contest!

But it only lasts today – so enter soon!

Spotlight Soundtrack!

I’ve always loved listening to music, but … I have a confession to make.

It’s very rarely the music itself that I love. It’s the lyrics that get me.

Music tells a story, too, and lyrics are a huge part of that. Whether it’s setting the scene at an Italian restaurant (a la Billy Joel) or just a clever turn of phrase in a catchy pop song, the words are what I love most.

But conveying emotions in the short time span of a song can be difficult! I admire that ability to put listeners in a certain headspace in just a few seconds.

There were a couple of songs I listened to that immediately put me in the mood to write Spotlight. In fact, I quote a couple of them at the beginning of the book.

“I’m tired of rumors starting.

I’m sick of being followed.

I’m tired of people lying,

Saying what they want about me.”

Rumors, Lindsay Lohan

“Would you be so into me,

If I wasn’t a celebrity?”

Celebrity, *NSYNC

Their takes on fame and paparazzi are quite interesting – and certainly fit the theme of Spotlight.

And there’s one more song that I listened to very frequently while writing this book. But this one has more to do with Lily and Nate. Any guesses???

Spotlight Preorders!!!

Spotlight is now available for preorder!

I know May 22 is around the corner, but you can now preorder the paperback and e-book. I’m so excited!

Don’t forget it’s on Goodreads, too. Add it to your lists!

Here are a few places you can find it:

Barnes and Noble

TWCS Publishing House



And for you Kindle users (that’s me, too!), I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available for preorder on Amazon.

The wait isn’t long now!!!

A Spotlight Sneak Peek!

Since we’re about six weeks away from the release of Spotlight, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek. Here’s a look at Lily’s first press junket:

Bulbs started flashing. The buzz in the room tripled in volume. And Lily’s heart hammered away in her chest as all the attention in the room focused on one person.

His slightly uneven walk contrasted with the graceful way he folded his lanky frame into a chair placed at the middle of the table on the platform stage. He looked tired as he reached for one of the cups of coffee provided for him, but happy to be there. Lily could tell that he was nervous about facing a room full of reporters by the swift move of his long fingers over the stubble covering his chin. She had no way of knowing if the other journalists in the room had picked up on this habit.

With a soft smile and quiet “hello” to the crowd, things got started. Lily tried to pay attention to the questions that were being asked and the responses to them, but found herself drawn to watching Daniel. The way he handled the onslaught of questions was rather fascinating. It was clear that he took each one seriously. He held eye contact with whoever posed the question and answered them directly. He took a moment to form his answer, wanting to be as honest as possible. And those answers turned out to be thoughtful and, quite frequently, clever.

The press conference moved at a brisk pace. The reporters all wanted the opportunity to ask Daniel at least one thing since he was the big draw for this movie. Lily patiently waited her turn. Her hand went up, and she caught the eye of the person holding the audience’s microphone. He gave her a slight nod, indicating that she’d be next. While she waited, she locked eyes with a man to the right of the stage who seemed startlingly familiar. She held his gaze for a beat, trying to place him, but couldn’t before it was her turn.

Lily took the microphone when it was passed to her, gripping it so hard that her knuckles turned white. She bit down on her bottom lip and took a deep breath in through her nose as Daniel finished answering the previous question.

Lily had no idea what had been asked.

After a beat of silence, the organizer pointed to her. “Right up front, Daniel.”

Here goes nothing.

Spotlight on Goodreads!

SpotlightFullCoverFrontAre you on Goodreads?

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And once it’s out (May 22!!!), I hope you’ll take time to tell me what you think of it. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!